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Best Alone Status In English For Whatsapp And Fb | Feeling Alone Quotes

Alone Status for Whatsapp and Fb: Hello Friends, today in this article I Come with alone status for you. these alone status are the best way to show your loneliness to the people. so in this, we have a collection of best alone status for you.

alone status

Best Alone Status In English For Whatsapp And Fb | Feeling Alone Quotes

1. I Think Too Much Then Put Myself In A Bad Mood.

2. I Feel No Issue In Being Alone Jut Feel An Issue Feeling Alone.

3. I Love To Be Alone. I Never Found The Companion That Was So Companionable As Solitude.

4. The Pain Is There To Remind Me That I Am Still Alive.

5. Sometimes Loneliness Is My Good Friends!

6. A Journey Where All The ‘Zero’ Must Be Started Again.

7. I Like To Be Alone But I Hate Being Lonely.

8. Sometimes I Feel Like I Am Completely In The Dark.

9. Then One Day Came Like This In Life. I Quit Smiling After Listening To Your Name.

10. Today Asked The Shadow, Why Do You Go With Me... He Also Laughed, Who Else Is … With You !!

Alone Whatsapp Status

11. I Have Forgotten, I Do Not Understand That We Have Become Common Or Have Become Something Special For Them!!

12. I Feel One Of The Worst Feelings In My Life When I Am Feeling Alone Whilst In The Company Of Many.

13. It Is Better To Be Alone Than In Bad Company.

14. You Cannot Protect Yourself From Sadness Without Protecting Yourself From Happiness.

alone status

15. I Restore Myself When I'm alone.

16. Behind Those Fake Smiles Their Lies A Lonely Heart.

17. Love Also We, Wait And Wait, We Too, We Also Cry And We Too...!!!!

18. It’s Sad To Be Happy Alone.

19. I Don't Want To Be Alone, I Want To Be Left Alone.

20. Sometimes People Have To Cry Out All Their Tears, To Make Room For A Heart Full Of Smiles.

Alone Status In English

21. All Of Our Unhappiness Comes From Our Inability To Be Alone.

22. Broken Thing Like Me Is Better Alone.

23. Only You Can Put A Smile On My Face When I Am Sad.

24. Depression In Life Is Like A Bruise That Never Goes Away. A Bruise In Your Mind. You Just Got To Be Careful Not To Touch It Where It Hurts. It’s Always There, Though.

alone status

25. Behind My Smile Is A Hurting Heart, Behind My Laugh, I’m Falling Apart. Look Closely At Me, And You Will See, The Girl I Am, It Isn’t Me Anymore. Best Whatsapp Status Sad

26. Pain Is Always Emotional. Fear And Depression Keep Constant Company With Chronic Hurting In Human’S Mind.

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27. I Do Rather Be Alone All The Time. It At Least Saves Me All The Hurt That I Would Keep Getting Constantly...!!!  

28. Pain Is Emotional. Depression And Fear Are Always In Company With Chronic Hurting

29. I Can Change My Status But I Cannot Change The Way I Feel About You.

alone status

30. You Never Understand It Until You Experience It.

31. The Problem Is Not The Scars. The Problem Is To Look At Them And Remember Who Left Them…

32. Sometimes Life Is Too Hard To Be Alone, And Sometimes Life Is Too Good To Be Alone.

33. The Greatest Pain That Comes From Love Is Loving Someone You Can Never Have.

34. I Hope One Day You Find Someone Who Makes Flowers Grow In Even The Saddest Parts Of You.

Alone Status For Facebook

35. . A Wrong Relationship Will Make You Feel More Alone Than When You Were Single.

36. A Single Lie Discovered Is Enough To Create Doubt Over Every Truth Expressed…

37. Sometimes It’s Hard To Keep On Going, Especially If It’s Without You.

38. Sometimes The Person Who Tries To Keep Everyone Happy Is The Loneliest Person.

39. When I’m Upset. I Shut Myself Off. I Have No Motivation For Doing Anything New. Alone Status In English

40. I Keep Telling Myself That I Don’t Miss You And That I Don’t Love You, Hoping Someday I’ll Believe It.

41. Time Doesn’t Really Heal The Heart. It Just Makes The Heart Forget All The Pain…  

42. Never Disrespect Yourself, Love And Respect Yourself Just Like You Are A Best Friend Of Yourself.

alone status

43. Loneliness Is The Human Condition. No One Is Ever Going To Fill That Space.

44. It's Better To Be Unhappy Alone Than Unhappy With Someone

45. Let Your Tears Come From Your Eyes. Let Them Water Your Soul.

Sad WhatsApp Status 

46. No One Can Ever Take Away The Loneliness You Left Me With!!!!

47. I Am Only The Person Who Knows What Is Love. What Is Loneliness And What Is Waiting For Someone.

48. I Restore Myself When I'm Alone.

49. The Night Is New, Memories Are Old!!

50. Loneliness Is The Human Condition. No One Is Ever Going To Fill That Space.

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