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Best Friendship Status For Whatsapp And Fb

Friendship Status:- Friendship status is a new way of sharing feelings with a friend. so in this article, you get a collection of friendship status and quotes that are really special for you and your friend. these are the special friendship status for Whatsapp and Facebook to conveying filling.

Best Friendship Status For Whatsapp And Fb

1. A Friend Sees The Truth And Pain In You Even When You Manage To Fool Everyone Else.

2. Nothing Makes The Earth Seem So Spacious As To Have Friends At A Distance; They Make The Latitudes And Longitudes.

3.  I Don’t Have An Attitude, I Have Standards For The People Who Are Supposed To Be My Friends.

4. A True Friend Is Someone Who Understands Your Past, Believes In Your Future And Accepts You Today Just The Way You Are.

5. Beware When You Are Judging You, Friends, For They Maybe Judging You First!!!

6. True Friend's Silence Hurts More Than An Enemy's Rough Words.

7. True Friends Will Always Give You Hand In Distress.

8. A Friendship That Can End Never Really Began.

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9. A Friend Is Someone Who Knows All About You And Still Loves You.

10. Life Is An Awful, Ugly Place To Not Have A Best Friend.

11. Each Friend Represents A World In Us, A World Possibly Not Born Until They Arrive, And It Is Only By This Meeting That A New World Is Born.

12. A True Friend Is Someone Who Is There For You When He’d Rather Be Anywhere Else.

13. I Don’t Dare To Lose My Best Friend, She/He Is The Most Precious Of All Jewels I H’ve.

14. A Friend Is One That Knows You As You Are, Understands Where You Have Been, Accepts What You Have Become, And Still, Gently Allows You To Grow. 

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15. Sometimes Friends Can Let You Down, But More Often They Are The Only Reason You’re Still Standing.

16. Fake Friend Ask For Party And Real Ones Organize It For You.

17. Friends Are Like Stars, They Come And Go, But The Ones That Stay Are The Ones That Glow.

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18. A Real Friend Is One Who Walks In When The Rest Of The World Walks Out.

19. Friendship Is So Weird… You Just Pick A Human You’ve Met And You’re Like “Yup I Like This One” And You Just Do Stuff With Them.

20. Friends Listen To What You Say. Best Friends Listen To What You Don’t Say.

21. True Friendship Is When You Walk Into Their House And Your Wifi Connects Automatically.

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22. Don’t Walk Behind Me; I May Not Lead. Don’t Walk In Front Of Me; I May Not Follow. Just Walk Beside Me And Be My Friend.

23. Fake Friends Believe In Rumors. Real Friends Believe In You.

24. A True Friend Never Gets In Your Way Unless U Happen To Be Going Down.

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25. A Friend Is One Particular Person Who Can Pull Out A Happy Tear From Your Eye. Even If You Do Not Have Tears  To Cry.

26. A Friend Is Someone Who Smiles When You Smile, Laugh When You Laugh But Hold Your Hand When You Cry!

27. A Beautiful Friendship Can Change People.

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28. True Friends Are The Greatest Of All Blessings. Friends Are God’s Way Of Taking Care Of Us. Friendship Is Like Money, Easier Made Than Kept.

29. There’s Not A Word Yet For Old Friends Who’ve Just Met.

30. Wishing To Be Friends Is Quick Work, But Friendship Is A Slow Ripening Fruit.

31. Tree Is Green.. Sea Is Blue. Night Is Black... Milk Is White... Friends Are Red... Because... My Friends Are My Blood!!!

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32. There’s Not A Word Yet For Old Friends Who’ve Just Met.

33. I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven. None Of My Friends Are There.

34. A Good Friend Finds It Harder To Hold A Pencil Than To Hold A Grudge!

35. A Man’s Friendships Are One Of The Best Measures Of His Worth.

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36. Never Let Your Friends Feel Lonely… Always Disturb them.

37. Everyone Needs A Good Friend But There Are Only A Few Who Want To Be Good For Their Friends.
38. One Smile, Can Start A Friendship. One Word Can End A Fight. One Look Can Save A Relationship. One Person Can Change Your Life.

39. The Greatest Gift Of Life Is Friendship, And I Have Received It.

40. Love Is Blind; Friendship Closes Its Eyes.

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41. No Path Is Too Long When A Friend Accompanies Us..  

42. May Life Lead Our Age, But Never Our Friendship..  

43. Best Friends Can Turn A Horrible Day, Into One Of The Best Days Of Your Life.

44. True Friends Are The Greatest Of All Blessings.

45. Friends Are The Most Important Ingredient In This Recipe Of Life.

46. A Friend Is The One Who Tricks You, Beats You, Curses You, But Does Not Let Others Do The Same Thing To You!.  

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47. I Have Done Something Great In My LIFE That I Am Blessed To Have A Friend Like You.

48. Love Is The Only Force Capable Of Transforming An Enemy Into A Friend.

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49. The Great Effect Of Friendship Is Beneficence, Yet By The First Act Of Uncommon Kindness It Is Endangered.

50. A True Friend Is Someone Who Ignores Our Shortcomings And Tolerates Our Success...

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